Scarlett Kirkpatrick

Scarlett Kirkpatrick Hendersonville Insurance Agency

My story begins in a small town. Small enough that I walked to school and to my job at the town drug store. When my husband and I decided to move to the Sumner County area to raise our family. We attend First Baptist Church in Hendersonville and are thankful for the many
relationships we cultivated in the community.

My insurance career began due to my love for math. After earning my degree in Actuarial Science with a minor insurance, my first position was in the Actuarial Department of a non-standard Auto . insurance company. I have also worked in the financial services industry assisting customers with investment and insurance related decisions. When I left the business world to raise my boys, my math skills were put to good use as a part time math teacher and tutor.

I have recently returned to the insurance industry at Rob’s invitation. Given my background, he knows he can “count on me.” I have enjoyed getting to know many of our established customers and starting relationships with new ones. I am committed to the Agency’s goal of assisting customers to “protect the road ahead.”