Les Keller

Les Keller Hendersonville Insurance Agency

Starting from my early years I was taught to respect others and to appreciate what the “Golden Rule” is all about. After all, what else was there for a Cubs fan in Chicago?

After serving in the Navy, I found my niche was working with people to solve problems and obtain the best outcome. It’s really about making friends and helping people.

In 1997, my move to the Nashville area had a huge impact on me. I relocated to Las Vegas where I worked for 2 years as a USA Hockey referee, but another crossroads was approaching. Do I move back to Chicago or Nashville? In 2002 I became a resident of Tennessee and have never regretted it. People made the difference.

I am happy to be with Martinek Insurance Service as I have known Rob both as a friend and business associate for many years.

I bring 28 years of Insurance experience and have many clients that will confirm that I persistent in reaching my goals and refuse to fail. I look forward to working for you.