Lanesia Daigs

Lanesia Daigs Hendersonville Insurance Agency

My name is Lanesia Daigs and I am a single mother to one amazing young lady. We moved from a little town in South Louisiana to Hendersonville about 5 years ago to allow my daughter the opportunity to grow up around her grandparents. I began my insurance career with Allstate working with a captive agent here in Hendersonville.

I recently joined the independent insurance world with Martinek Insurance Services with the desire to help customers find the best rates, coverage and carrier to protect their family’s future. While most everyone knows the importance of insurance for their auto, home, boat, etc., many forget to protect their most important asset THEMSELVES!

My passion is to insure your family’s future. This protection is known as life insurance but I like to think of it as your final act of love for the most important people in your life. To know that you can provide coverage to keep your family in the home where they shared amazing memories with you is an amazing feeling. I look forward to helping you and your family with all your protection needs.