Agency Resource Partners

 If you need your windshield repaired or replaced contact Sammy Baker at 615-202-0158. She is fast, friendly & responsive.

When Mother Nature pays a visit to your house, you’ll have a team of professionals ready to assess the damage and create a plan to get life back to normal. Dukes Exteriors is our preferred company for Wind/Hail roofing claims. Call Daniel Bolton at 615-943-8102 for an estimate and assistance filing your claim


Servpro of Sumner County is our preferred Restoration contractor. They respond quickly and provide us with regular updates regarding your claim! Contact Brice Cordell at 615-584-8587

Nashville Realtor Eddie Cox – Looking for a great real estate agent?  When my money is on the line, I want somebody who is knowledgeable, passionate and persistent. In the Greater Nashville area, that person is Eddie Cox.  Realtors seem content to earn a living by simply running ads and placing signs on lawns.  Most real   estate transactions run smoothly between an interested buyer & seller and demand little from the agent. Every once in a while, however, things get difficult and/or complicated…and when that happens your AGENT matters. Call Eddie Cox at 615-429-7572 today!

Brentwood Mortgage Lender  Scott Whelan 
can help you through the mortgage process.  He can be reached at 615 400 4912.

Nashville DUI Lawyer David Ridings is your best choice for DUI defense in Nashville as well as other criminal defense. David Ridings is a former Nashville Metro police officer whose experience will aid in your defense.  Check out Ridings Dozen Do’s If Stopped by Police, DUI Mistakes, and Nashville DUI Information.

Computer Repair and Websites by Lemur Technology is your one stop for computer repairs, website, search engine optimization and credit card processing. Ron Hall takes care of nearly everything computer related that you could need.  Check out his free ‘Entrepreneurship‘ section of his company’s website!